What is Ecostim?

EcoStim is a UK manufacturer that develops natural biostimulants.

We believe by making the crop and soil healthier our growers can make better long-term profits while benefiting the environment.
EcoStim Biostimulants are made by using the natural properties of plants to preserve the biodiversity of our planet without environmental and health risks.
Our products are fully biodegradable, environmentally friendly and work on all species of plants and turf.

The portfolio of products that EcoStim develops cover all aspects of agriculture, viticulture, horticulture, ornamental and sports application.
The biostimulants are complex compositions, containing a range of organic materials – but posses no live microorganisms.

We are passionate about ecological sustainability and understand the impending changes caused by climate change.

We strive to help each industry maintain and exceed current targets by operating worldwide, with distributors in major countries.


EcoStim’s Biostimulants Benefits

Completely organic, containing no live microorganisms

Can reduce the use of chemical fertiliser by up to 40%

Multitude of economic benefits across the product portfolio

Increases shelf life and minimises wastage

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Our Biostimulant Range


Particularly effective on plants belonging to the grass family. This includes cereals such as grain and rice where substantial yield increases are possible by increasing the crop’s resistance to fungus and other pests as well as improving drought tolerance.

Berry Fruits

Farmers all over the world have the primary aim of making a profitable return on their crops. This formulation can help not only to produce more yield, but also increase flavour and sugar content.

Root Vegetables

Our unique formula stimulates the production of starch and sugars and produces a heavier crop. It protects the plants from oxidative stress enabling them to continue growing through adverse conditions.


Formulated to cater for the special needs of this family of plants. Like all EcoStim products it works in partnership with the types of fertiliser favoured by brassica growers and can reduce fertiliser usage.

Ornamental Flowers

Helps to produce stronger healthier plants and more blooms. It also helps cut flowers to last longer. This improves the overall appeal of the plant and its apparent value.

Turf & Lawn

Stresses to lawns and sports pitches are a real problem for the person maintaining them. EcoStim Turf & Lawn can be used alongside your current maintenance regime.

Hydroponics & Greenhouses

Ideally suited to the warm humid conditions typical of greenhouse production. They provide protection against fungal attack and heat stress and produce heavier cropping.


Contains plant bioflavanoids which improves the taste and fragrance of spices. It increases protection against drought and pathogens significantly as well as reducing the effects of oxidative stress.


Our product produces top growth of buds and shoots, diverting the energy of the tea bush to constantly replenish the picked leaves and buds. It can be applied as a foliar or soil treatment and by fertigation.