There are 50 Golf Clubs within the beautiful county of Devon. This is the only county that is connected to two coastlines. The northern sandy dunes combined with the southern red cliffs surround Devon to provide a diverse environment, making some especially interesting golf courses.

Golf began in Devon in 1864, the home of England’s oldest golf course. The same fairways are still being used today and helped lay the foundations for the UK golfing industry we enjoy and celebrate today.

Royal North Devon Golf Club

Royal North Devon Golf Club was founded in 1864 and is England’s oldest golf course. Mark Evans is the Club Secretary and explained more about the club’s focus on ecology and sustainability. The course is set on common land where animals graze and is itself part of the North Devon Biosphere. In 1988 the course was also recognised by Natural England and is SSSI certified. The club currently uses locally sourced products such as seaweed based biostimulants in order to keep the grass sward as natural as possible while retaining firmness of the greens. The club is big on recycling and even uses reclaimed ditch materials as part of their grass treatments when they can.