Durham originated as a mining town in the North of England. Since the closure of the coal mines, Durham has progressed into a picturesque town with a growing golfing enthusiasm.

Our team worked closely with the clubs in County Durham to evaluate and understand the ecological efforts being made, what they discovered was a beautiful understanding for maintaining the surrounding environment and the local wildlife.

Seaton Carew Golf Club

Seaton Carew is the 10th oldest golf club in England, formed back in 1874 and is one of the country’s finest links layouts, having hosted a number of prestigious tournaments including the English Open Amateur Strokeplay Championship (The Barbazon Trophy) twice. The course now has a total of 22 holes which enable multiple combinations to be played over two different course layouts. We spoke to David Turner (Marketing Committee Chairman) and discussed a range of challenges the club is aiming to overcome over the next 5 years with regard to the ecology and management of the site, with the aim of being completed by 2024, which will coincide with the clubs 150th anniversary.

The site consists of two separate and distinct components, Seaton Dunes to the east and Seaton Common further inland. The dune system is one of the largest and most diverse in northeast England encompassing foredune, mobile dunes, semi and fixed sand dunes. The Common is a low lying marsh crisscrossed by a network of creeks and ditches, an ideal habitat for resident and migratory wading birds and overwintering wildfowl. The majority of the golf course and surrounding land is designated an SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest). As such, it is essential that the natural habitat is managed and maintained and the club is working closely with Natural England on this aim.

A recent meeting with ecologists have highlighted the shared interest both parties have as both want to maintain and encourage the growth of the natural fauna and flora i.e. Marram and Sea Lyme grasses and the nationally rare rush-leaved Fescue and Sea Couch. The club is developing a rolling 5-year maintenance and ecology plan in conjunction with Natural England aimed at ensuring our shared aims are met.