Hampshire’s history dates back to Romain Britain, and its legacy of golf courses dates back to before 1900. Since then over 60 golf clubs have started in the picturesque county, utilising both the coastline and inland terrain to create some interesting and tricky courses.

Barton-on-Sea Golf Club

Barton-on-Sea Golf Club (BOSGC) is a 244-acre clifftop course that is links-like in nature. There are impressive views over the Solent to the Isle of Wight but even from the clubhouse, you are greeted by the sight of a lake and island green. We spoke to Tony Gadd, Course Manager of the club, who gave us more insight into the ecology of the course.

Although the course in its current form is only 27 years old, it was originally a smaller clifftop course and once additional land was developed it grew to the size it is now. Due to its clifftop location, anything that is planted needs to be indigenous. Gorse is really important and there are large areas of untouched rough that have been retained in order to sustain local wildlife. The course is self-sufficient from a hydration perspective, with 3 ponds and a lake being used on the course. Aeration and the dressing of greens take place on a bi-weekly basis and the soil composition is upheld by frequent feeding with ‘friendly’ bacteria. The site itself is home to no less than 7 sites of Special Scientific Interest