Wiltshire is a landlocked county in the South-West of England, characterised by its high downland and wide valleys. This makes for some interesting golf courses. While the county is one of the smaller areas for golf, with just 26 clubs, they all boast very high quality and are renowned by locals to the area.

Due to its landscape, Wiltshire faces unique ecological issues and through our research, we have learned of interesting and progressive techniques that are being implemented in this county.

Bowood Golf Club

Bowood is a 220 acre 18-hole PGA Golf Course and the home to the South West England Golf Academy. It is set in an impressive country estate that truly reflects the natural beauty to be found in the county of Wiltshire. We spoke to Jaey Goodchild who is the Course Manager and has been at the club for the last 8 years.

A wide variety of wildlife can be found across the course. There is a strong brown hare population as well as a selection of birds including migratory wild-fowl, red kites, buzzards, kestrels and green woodpeckers. Around 60 acres of the course is made up of long rough that needs to be and is effectively managed. This is achieved through grazing which takes place twice a year. The resulting advantage of this is that it has increased the botanical diversity of the course especially in relation to flora and fauna.